Modesto Milling Offers 10 Pound Bags on Amazon

91qb0NqfUHL._SL1500_In an effort to satisfy demand across the country, Modesto Milling recently added Amazon as a new retailer, to its national network of retailers. This addition is not designed to replace existing dealers, but to augment them; making select Modesto Milling feeds available to customers that don’t have local outlets to obtain Modesto Milling products.

Modesto Milling is currently offering three organic corn and soy-free formulations at

All prices include shipping to any state in the US.

Modesto Milling also has several other 10 lb. bags of feed formulations that are only available through retailers or direct order.

If you have questions about the 10 lb. offerings on or from existing distribution channels, you can always reach out directly to Chris Wagner at 209-523-9167 ext.9107 or; Andrea Kaldhusdal, Sales/Territory Manager, Southern Region at or Lori Bianchi, Sales/Territory Manager, Northern Region at


Organically Fed-Setting Trends in the Show Arena

AV Fair 2017-1After noticing a select number of 4-H and FFA members across California were starting to raise turkeys, rabbits and a few show hogs on organic feed to take to their local county fairs, Modesto Milling saw an opportunity to educate and encourage a young generation on feeding livestock organically. Modesto Milling started working with the livestock council at Antelope Valley Fair in 2016 to implement an organic fed hog class. Modesto Milling donated $500 in premium money, which the fair allocated $300 for champion and $200 for second place. A buckle for champion was provided by a separate sponsor. Lori Bianchi from Modesto Milling accepted an invitation to speak at the Antelope Valley Livestock Symposium in January 2017. This was a chance for young opportunists to jump start their education on raising livestock organically.

At the fair, organic fed pigs were on display in their own section of the swine barn, for fair attendees to view. Andrea Kaldhusdal from Modesto Milling was there to watch on show day. She was able to visit with the kids before they went in the show ring. Participants demonstrated their knowledge by showing her their organic scrub made from organic sugar and coconut oil. Kids shared their feeding program and what they learned by choosing to feed organically.

Once the kids were in the show ring, the ring steward read the class rules from the premium book, so the audience would understand these kids were trying something new and different from a regular market class. Degan Calandri from Quartz Hill 4-H Club left the show ring with his Champion Organic Fed Hog.

On August 24th, the Kiwanis Jr. Livestock Auction proved to be the concluding excitement for the week. Organic fed hogs sold for $9 per pound, which was above the sale average. The final highlight of the auction was when Tanner Rocky, a young 4-Her validated exactly what 4-H promotes, a heart for greater loyalty and hands for larger service. Tanner generously donated his organically fed pig to the Antelope Valley Livestock Council Scholarship fund.  Tanner’s pig sold last in the auction and raised $7,000!

Modesto Milling is proud of these youth who tried something new, and gained knowledge along the way. What an amazing experience for all who participated at the Antelope Valley Fair. As for the future, who knows where this will lead…..

If you have questions about the class or raising organic fed hogs, you can always reach out directly to Chris Wagner at 209-523-9167 ext.9107 or; Andrea Kaldhusdal, Sales/Territory Manager, Southern Region at or Lori Bianchi, Sales/Territory Manager, Northern Region at

Monitoring Regional Feed Trends

SuperZoo0717There is no better way to monitor feed trends than to talk with end-users, retailers, distributors and other feed producers. Modesto Milling participates in many tradeshows each year to get the information we need to stay ahead of the curve on movements and needs within the organic feed community. Shows like the Mother Earth News Fair, The Heirloom Expo and Super Zoo are all examples of how we do mass outreach across the feed “food chain”.

Mother Earth News Fair in Albany, OR ( is a general interest show that draws 15,000 people from the western states and other parts of the country. There are lots of vendors showcasing organic and handcrafted products but, most importantly, shows like this one and The Heirloom Expo in Santa Rosa, CA ( allow us to tap into grassroots demand, needs and conversations – hearing directly from feed consumers (or at least their owners). These types of conversations actually led to the release of our new Whole Grain Gamebird (#745) and Duck Layer (#755) formulations.

­­Super Zoo in Las Vegas, NV ( is more focused on pet food retailers and distributors. Shows like this one help us connect directly with stores from across the country that market our feeds locally or want to. Additionally, we have the opportunity to interact with industry and pet wellness experts while sharing our experience in the organic space and trends we are seeing in other areas of the country. One of the trends we are seeing amongst pet stores, for instance, is that where they traditionally predominantly served the dog and cat markets, they are now seeing increased interest in backyard poultry, especially for chickens, and also hearing more demand for rabbit and chinchilla feeds.

Watching the entire supply chain from production through distribution and retail to the farmyard or backyard has proven to produce some of our best ideas and helped customers continue to reach their goals. Shows are just one way we do that, though. If you have questions, goals or needs to discuss, you can always reach out directly to Chris Wagner at 209-523-9167 ext.9107 or; Andrea Kaldhusdal, Sales/Territory Manager, Southern Region at or Lori Bianchi, Sales/Territory Manager, Northern Region at

Modesto Milling Welcomes Coastal Farm and Ranch

CoastalThe Modesto Milling blog has recently covered the expansion of its distribution footprint. This month, we would like to showcase one of the regional chains that is an example of that growth: Coastal Farm and Ranch.

Coastal Farm and Ranch is based in the Pacific Northwest and is now selling Modesto Milling feed in 10 of its stores in Oregon and Washington. Our feed will help round out Coastal’s organic feed offerings and provide a regional organic option in addition to some of its existing nationally available and high-production feed products.

We often talk about our customers’ goals and desires for breeding and raising their birds and animals. We also talk about a desire for organic, non-GMO and environmentally friendly feeds. We don’t always cover some of the broader buying and consumption goals that tend to be important to our clients. These goals include supporting local or regional businesses and artisanship or handcrafted offerings.

Companies like Coastal Farm and Ranch understand that these goals are important to their customers and that, while some customers take comfort in a large national brand, others are much happier to support the “little or medium-sized guy.” Plus, organically-oriented consumers tend to like the idea of being able to reach someone directly involved in the production of their products, as opposed to having to navigate a corporate phone tree if they have a question about ingredients, philosophies or product uses. Modesto Milling helps our retailers satisfy those needs of the end users.

Coastal Farm and Ranch is currently testing five Modesto Milling feeds in its stores in Albany, OR; Eugene, OR; Oregon City, OR; Gresham, OR; Cornelius, OR; Redmond, OR; White City, OR; Sequim, WA; Mt. Vernon, WA and Auburn, WA. These organic feeds include: Soy-Free Dairy/Livestock Grain Pellets #5046, Hog Grower Pellets #5006, Scratch #5039, Whole Grain Layer #5066 and Rabbit Pellets #5044. If you are near one of their stores and are running low on feed or want to try something new, you may want to stop by and check local availability.

Happy Independence Day!


Modesto Milling is Expanding Its Retail Distribution

IMG_6372Modesto Milling is seeing huge growth in the amount of feed stores it services across the country. We are bringing on new retailers in California, Washington, Oregon, Hawaii, Alaska, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah and Montana as well as other states. This is not only great news for Modesto Milling, it is also great news for customers.

Local retailers add convenience, reduce lead times, help distribute shipping costs and, in some cases, can produce a volume of orders to warrant custom feed formulations to meet specific needs of their regional customer base.

Feed stores and other retailers that tend to be our strongest partners have some common attributes. They watch trends, and they are in very close contact with their customers, so they understand those customers’ needs and goals. For example, they may be tracking a local interest in organic feed or a growing disenchantment with large, high-production feed brands. These stores realize Modesto Milling can satisfy both of these issues.

We try to make it easy for these stores to dip their toes in the water to see if Modesto Milling will appeal to their clients. We often provide free samples and signage to stores to help them get started. We don’t require minimum orders, so there is little risk for new potential retailers. We also list them on our website and announce them in our monthly email newsletter to make it easier for customers to find them.

We can customize formulations for those who gain traction or want to increase traction. We can fully customize the feed for orders of 3 tons or more, but we also have 5 “secret menu” semi-custom formulations available in 1 ton tote or larger orders. Some retailers even use us to formulate for their own house “bagged and branded” offerings. These large scale orders and production runs often qualify for wholesale pricing.

If you manage a feed store and are considering trying Modesto Milling or customizing a feed offering, reach out to our sales team at If you are looking for a local retailer, you can find a partial list at or contact Chris Wagner at 209-523-9167 ext.9107 or


Gamebird and Duck Feeds Available Soon

Wild pheasant standing in a forst covered fieldModesto Milling will soon be producing two new product offerings to respond to demand for feeds for gamebird growth and duck egg production: Organic Whole Grain Gamebird #745 and Organic Duck Layer Pellets #755.

The Organic Whole Grain Gamebird formula is a complete feed for growing and adult gamebirds, ducks, geese, turkeys and chickens. It has 20% protein and 4.6% fat levels, which are helpful for growth; feather quality, brightness and darkness; energy levels and muscle development.

The gamebird feed is made up of half whole grains like whole corn, peas, wheat, milo, barley, oats and black oil sunflower seeds – all of which are organically grown. The other half of the ingredients are pelletized items like soy bean meal, alfalfa, herbs, essential oils, vitamin mix, kelp, and diatomaceous earth. The combination is designed to meet breeders’ desires to provide a “just harvested” type of feed regimen, while adding aesthetic and flavor qualities that will be attractive to the birds all in a way that reduces wasted feed.

The Organic Duck Layer Pellets are designed to be a standalone feed, but can also be used in combination with a pasture-based diet. Organic feed is a major component of organic egg production. The duck layer pellets have 17% protein and 2.6% fat levels, which are helpful for aiding in the egg production process.

If egg quality is important to you, you will be happy to know that our customers have shared testimonies of stronger shells, darker yolks and better flavor while using our layer feeds. We have also heard many stories about the layers having healthier plumage, better meat taste and higher production levels.

Both new feed offerings will be available in 50 pound bags in coming weeks, but you can pre-order them now at If you have questions or want to determine which feed is right for you and your flock, please contact Chris Wagner at 209-523-9167 ext.9107 or

Do different breeds require different feeds?

iStock-519532297GirlsChickens.jpgSome breeds of chickens grow and reach egg-producing maturity much more quickly, while others traditionally grow and mature at a slower pace. So, questions come up about whether it makes sense to prolong the use of chick feed, grower, etc. The simple answer is that it depends.

There is not an exact science to feed choice or length of time each feed phase should be maintained. Factors such as cost, age and size of flock, philosophies and other goals all need to be considered.

Agriculture production levels may require developing more rigid phase and feeding schedules just to maintain processes and profitability. Backyard or urban farming, however, may allow much more flexibility and, in some cases, may be the only way to achieve a desired outcome.

Many people want access to organic poultry and eggs to reduce exposure to GMOs and to avoid unnecessary pesticides and toxins. Those needs might be satisfied by commercially available products in the general marketplace. But clients who want soy-free or corn- and soy-free poultry and eggs will likely be unable to find them at their local big-box or grocery store. The only options for these consumers will likely be raising chickens themselves or finding local producers who put those qualities over profitability.

Ultra-specific goals like these will reduce feed choices and may affect production and costs. Soy-free feeds may meet the goal of avoiding soy, but there can be tradeoffs in the areas of quality of protein and amounts of amino acids. Lowering the amino acids may also reduce egg production, which could increase the amount of time, cost and birds needed to reach the same overall production goals.

The feeding of flocks for specific goals isn’t necessarily an exact science, but if it starts to feel complicated, reach out to Chris Wagner at 209-523-9167 ext.9107 or He will help you simplify the process and reach your goals.